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A Successful Recipe for Streamlining the Application Process

Session Details

  • Date: Monday, June 29
  • Time: 3:00 - 3:45 pm
  • Room: 354
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The University of Mississippi offers a wide range of special programs and scholarships designed to challenge bright and ambitious undergraduates. Each of these programs required a separate application and its own set of supporting documents. Completing numerous applications can be time consuming, can involve multiple/redundant steps and can be confusing and stressful to students. To streamline this process, we collaborated with all these programs and developed a “single” system. This system allows students to submit multiple applications while only requesting one set of supporting documents and allows programs to maintain their individuality, branding and selection process.


Learning Objectives

  • An insight into how the supplemental application was built and its features. Details of the design of our streamlined system.
  • Knowledge of how to maintain individual branding for multiple applications within a supplemental application system.
  • How requesting and storing letter of recommendation is automated.


Shweta Shakya

Software Developer, The University of Mississippi

Shweta Shakya is a Software Developer in the Office of Information technology in the University of Mississippi since 2009. She also has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University. She does application development in SAP’s Student Life Cycle Management module (SLcM) within the University’s ERP system. Her primary focus is maintaining and enhancing the University’s student system and has worked with several technologies across different platforms.

Jie Tang

Software Developer, The University of Mississippi

Jie Tang is a Software Developer at the Information Technology department at the University of Mississippi. He received his M.S. degrees in computer science from the University of Mississippi in 2003. He joined the Information Technology department at the University of Mississippi in 2004.