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Big Project, Small Staff, Tight Deadlines: How to Create the Perfect Storm for Institutional Web Migration

Session Details

  • Date: Monday, June 29
  • Time: 4:15 - 5:00 pm
  • Room: 355

How we migrated a 50,000-page, static, Dreamweaver-maintained website into a 6,000 page, responsive web design, accessible, searchable, content management system with only a two-person web unit. Tackling a seemingly insurmountable task when you have limited resources necessitates a confident strategy, diligent communication, involved leadership, and a bit of luck.


Learning Objectives

  • Thinking outside of the Venn diagram
  • Leveraging assets up and down the hierarchy
  • Tips on tiptoeing around the politics


Jay Massey

Web Services Director, The University of West Florida

Jay Massey is having fun implementing enterprise-level web and internet marketing strategy for the University of West Florida. He has recently launched the next iteration of the university web presence including content management system, mobile web and social integration.

Massey carries more than 25 years of commercial design and marketing experience with 15 years specifically managing web application development. He has proven background in search and social media marketing management. Massey is an occasional blogger and public speaker to business, educational and professional associations.

As a Florida native Massey can remember when there was no compelling reason to visit Orlando. He is still dating his first wife, juggling kittens and working out the details on how to play the didgeridoo... well.