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How To Manage Your Workload Online

Session Details

  • Date: Tuesday, June 30
  • Time: 10:30 - 11:15 am
  • Room: 354

The phone rings in your office while you’re buried in a stylesheet for the next best site on Earth. Sally on the second floor can’t remember how to save a link on her page, and she wants you to take care of it right now. Now! It’s so urgent. Take care of requests like these through an efficient, online work order system. Gather all the information needed before ever getting started on a project through required fields on a form. Customize which projects are assigned and sent to each staff member. And most importantly, stay organized and on track.


Learning Objectives

  • An idea for how task workflow within the office can be more easily managed
  • Suggestions on how to implement the procedure
  • Tips on how to train the masses to use the form


Caitlyn Thompson

Coordinator of Communications and Marketing, Delta State University

Caitlyn Thompson is the coordinator of Marketing and Communications at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. She uses her skills gained while serving as the web content coordinator to manage project workflow, advertising campaigns, and communication strategies. When not on the web, Caitlyn enjoys making messes with her little boys and spending time with her husband.