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Nimble Thinking for the Creative Economy

Session Details

  • Date: Monday, June 29
  • Time: 4:15 - 5:00 pm
  • Room: 354
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Today’s world demands a different approach to thinking and productivity. The ability to anticipate, to react and to adapt in the creative economy ultimately separates the winners and losers. Let’s talk about a perspective on creativity that enables us to take maximum advantage of it. How can a next-generation mindset provide the perfect complement to 21st century innovation? College students could teach us all a thing or two. Don’t get left behind: think nimble.


Learning Objectives

  • Today's economy is one based on ideas and innovation. The requirements for success have changed.
  • "Nimble" thinking is a next-generation perspective on creativity that, when coupled with best practices in innovation, constitutes a model for success in the creative economy.
  • College students are the best examples of "nimble" thinkers. Powerful evidence as to why this is true will be presented.


Glenn Griffin

Associate Professor of Advertising, The University of Alabama

Dr. Glenn Griffin teaches courses in creativity and portfolio development at The University of Alabama. He is co-author of The Creative Process Illustrated: How Advertising's Big Ideas Are Born, published by HOW Books. His students' work has been featured in Advertising Age and ADWEEK and recognized by The One Club for Art & Copy, the Art Directors Club and the Clio Awards, among other organizations. He was recently named the Donald G. Hileman Educator of the Year by the American Advertising Federation's 7th District and also received the Kappa Tau Alpha Commitment to Teaching Award from The University of Alabama.