2015 HighEdWeb Conference Speaker: Brent Swisher

speaker-swisherBrent Swisher is a Web Developer for Institutional Marketing at Grand Valley State University. He graduated with a degree in Information Systems from GVSU in 2009, and in his current role, he designs and develops custom web applications that support the needs of the university. Brent enjoys living downtown in Grand Rapids. Outside of work he enjoys visiting Grand Rapid’s amazing breweries, trying new things, and a good cup of tea. You can follow what he is up to lately at www.brentswisher.com.

Building Your Own Personal Minion With Grunt.js

Everybody secretly wants to be an evil genius, right? So, what do they all have in common? Minions. In this session, you will learn to build your own little development minion with the grunt.js automation framework. Learn the basics of what grunt is, how it works, and how to make it automate the boring programming tasks that waste your time. Be warned, there will be code involved, and perhaps a little world domination.

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