2015 HighEdWeb Conference Speaker: Steve Busch

speaker-buschSteve Busch

Steve Busch is the Brand Manager at The University of Michigan.

Making the case for unified branding and marketing in a decentralized world.

Maximize your brand awareness and reach by addressing your existing communications framework. Make the case for brand unity with a small budget. Eliminate brand meandering and ramp-up efficiencies and effectiveness. Hear first hand how the University of Michigan developed an overarching strategy to connect academic and athletic excellence in a manner that benefits the entire university and its constituents.

As the brand manager for U-M Steve has refreshed and bolstered the “block M”, transitioning the iconic ‘M’ from a mark of school spirit into a logo that reinforces the continual groundbreaking achievements of a nearly 200-year-old public institution. In the historically decentralized U-M environment he has successfully presented a unified brand presence that has resulted in the production of over 3000 cohesive brand extending ‘signatures’ adopted by academic, administrative, and auxiliary departments across the university.

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