Web Design Workflow and Tools that Make Life Easy

It’s no secret that web professionals face lots of challenges when designing and developing for the web, especially in higher education. Thankfully, there are tons of resources and tools to make our life easy. But just like how it is overwhelming to keep up with the latest web trends and techniques, figuring out which resources and tools to utilize can be difficult as well.

In this presentation, Sang-Min Yoon will showcase tools that he uses daily and finds to be incredibly helpful at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Topics in this talk will include focusing on content, designing in the browser, CSS preprocessors, version control, and device testing.

Session length: 45 minutes
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For the past five years, Sang-Min Yoon (@smyoon315) has designed, developed and maintained websites for many great companies, including DC Public Schools, SiriusXM Radio and Smithsonian Institution. Currently, Sang works for Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston as their Web Designer & Front-End Developer.

Sang earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington. His interests outside of work include basketball, volunteering and eating good quality food.

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