Construction Alert!

Our event happens to occur when the regular exit on Route 22/30 to access the Pittsburgh Technical Institute is closed. You can download a new set of directions for getting to the school. You can also review a map below:

Map of detour for PTI


PTI will be on break during our event so there should be plenty of parking close to the building. Parking is free. After arriving at the entrance to PTI continue to the top of the hill. Make a right into the main parking lots and then choose a lot on your left. There will be signs directing you to the appropriate entrance.

You can use the following map as a reference for where to park:


Venue Information

The address for the Pittsburgh Technical Institute is: 1111 McKee Road, Oakdale, PA 15071.

Pittsburgh Technical Institute‘s North Fayette Campus is conveniently located on 180 acres close to major interstates and situated between Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown Pittsburgh. Opened in 2000, this ideal location provides a tranquil learning environment, plenty of free parking, and quick access to entertainment and lodging.

Pittsburgh Technical Institute

PTI  is an accredited two-year college offering more than 25 programs to 2,000 students. PTI academic programs range from Building Technology to Business Administration; Criminal Justice to Information Technology to Graphic Design; Medical Assisting, Nursing and Massage Therapy. All Associate Degree and Certificate programs offered at PTI are developed under the guidance of industry advisory boards and designed to meet the current needs of employers by following industry trends and technologies.

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