Why You Should Attend HighEdWeb Pittsburgh

Do you need to make the case to your boss regarding why you should be able to attend HighEdWeb Pittsburgh? Below are some of the reasons why we think HighEdWeb Pittsburgh is a great investment of your time:

  • It’s All About Team: It wasn’t done on purpose but it seems that many of our talks touch on the topic of “team.” This reflects the growing reality that today’s web requires a team to do well. Maybe our teams are not defined organizationally but the skills that are needed to make our web presences click is growing larger by the day. From our traditional designers and developers to social media practitioners who are increasingly the first contact many people have with our institutions to the managers who have to wrangle all of this change. Our conference will, hopefully, help everyone on the team to understand other roles better and communicate more effectively.
  • Learn from Your Peers: The vast bulk of the content for the conference is developed and presented by higher education web professionals just like you. They’re going to share their struggles, their successes, and their lessons learned. You’ll be able to take back actionable ideas to your institution. The key focus in building our schedule? Practical solutions and our speakers will deliver that.
  • Killer Keynotes: Both of our keynotes, Georgy Cohen and Brad Frost, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our conference. Georgy brings a mix of industry and higher education experience related to content strategy and will be covering her experience with teams. Pittsburgh-local and mobile expert Brad has worked on high profile projects like TechCrunch’s redesign and has spoken at events like An Event Apart and SXSW.
  • Diverse Content: Our keynotes shouldn’t overshadow the great content from our session speakersNot only will you learn something new about your specialty but you’ll be exposed to ideas and issues facing your entire team.  Meredith Chapman from the University of Delaware will be talking about how Social Structure Saves the DayJoe McGill of Washington University will talk about mobile-friendly forms. Tonya Oaks Smith of Henderson State University and Ron Bronson of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System will tackle a thorny issue that many of us face in Death to Governance… Embrace the Chaos.  Check out the full schedule to see what else our speakers will be covering.
  • Intimate Venue for Networking: The total attendance for the conference is capped at 110 people. This means that rather than being one face in a crowd of five or six hundred people you’ll get to connect not only with peers from institutions around the region but with our speakers and keynotes. A lot of time has been baked into the schedule for networking. The tables at lunch will be organized by topics so you can easily find others who may share your interests. You’re sure to make new acquaintances that will help you and your organization in the future.
  • Central Location: Along with a small conference our venue, Pittsburgh Technical Institute, is at the intersection of several interstates, near the Pittsburgh airport and has a wealth of hotels to choose from if you want to stay the night before or after the conference. We hope it’s easy to get to from anywhere in Pittsburgh, the region or even from out-of-state.
  • Low Cost: Through the generous support of our sponsors listed on this page and our venue we’re able to bring all of this to you for a low cost of $60 per person. By being local we can keep travel costs down and time away from the office to the minimum. Hopefully it all adds up to a great ROI for you, your team and your management. Maybe more than one team member could make the trip!

Still have questions about the conference? We’re happy to answer them. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues at HighEdWeb Pittsburgh.

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